Experience our fully-fledged yet simple online learning management system with strong features designed to save you time and money! It is easy to create and manage courses, exams, and certificates. Ideal for your team’s onboarding and continued development.



E-Learning Solutions

Providing an engaging suite of self study online learning modules to engage the leaner and empower the organisation to achive success.

Adaptive learning experience

We provide engrossing learning solutions that provide learners with an uparalleled learning experience. Tailored and recommended courses that can be followed at a time, place and pace to suit the learners needs

Enterprise focused

NobleProg's e-learning solutions focus specifically on organisations whose learning needs are complex, distributed and demand a tie-in to business metrics. Catering for SME's and large Corporates across all sectors.

Our solutions are services portfolio comprises of a wide range of learning solutions for:


Learning Management Systems (LMS)

We provide a fully SCORM/AICC compliant LMS solution to meet our clients needs, offering both a turn-key solution and a "from the ground up" custom deployment.

Hosted on-prem or on cloud, we cater for every need.

off-the-shelf catalogue content

We are authorised content solution providers and cater for both technical and soft skills learning needs.

With a vast catalogue in excess of 1,000 modules, available in English, Arabic and French we have an e-learning solution to meet your needs:

  • Management & Leadership
  • Cyber Security
  • Coding/Programming
  • Personal Development
  • Professional Efficiency
  • Project Management
  • Human Resources
  • Finance & Management
  • Marketing & Innovation
  • Purchasing
  • Quality controls / Safety / Environment

Courses are engaging, informative and fun, utilising:

  • Real-life situations and cases based on our experts' experiences
  • Entertaining, interactive training experiences - gamification
  • Pause and resume learning sequences - learners can stop and start as they like without losing track


Custom e-learning content development

At the core of any learning or training requirement is a business problem or a performance gap; gaps that are unique to an organisation. We recognise the uniqueness of your learning needs and work with you every step of the way to create the right solution that fills in these gaps by improving performance.

We create high impact and engaging e-learning solutions that aid in the seemless alignment of your company's learning and performance goals with it's business objectives.

The custom e-learning content solutions that are on offer include:

  • rapid authoriing
  • scenario based learning
  • game based learning
  • interaction based learning
  • application simulation and
  • localisation and translation

Over the past years we have nutured a vast experience in the following areas:

  • Learning Strategy & Design
  • Graphics & Animation
  • Interaction Design & Development
  • Creating Assessments
  • Conversion form ILT's to CBT's/WBT's
  • Creating simple learning games
  • Audio & Video integration
Empower Employees

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