SpecFlow: Implementing BDD for .NET

  21 hours

The Practical side of the course - the whole point of an instructor is to have someone to call on when difficulties are encountered. Definitions of Scrum and Product Owners etc. can be studied without the need for an instructor. But using Visual Studio, getting Specflow up and running and using it right - these are the elements of training that require an instructor. These practical hand-on exercises are the elements I liked the most. I would have liked more of this.

- FNZ Holidings Limited [SpecFlow: Implementing BDD for .NET]

I enjoyed the feature file and corresponding steps creation.

- FNZ Holidings Limited [SpecFlow: Implementing BDD for .NET]

I like the combination of dry goods and practice.

- FNZ [SpecFlow:为.NET实现BDD]

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